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what is HHC?

What Is HHC? The New Cannabinoid On The Block

Most of us have heard about CBD or Delta 9 THC, two of the most popular compounds derived from the cannabis plant.

More recently, Delta-8 THC began hitting shelves, and the market snowballed due to its legal status and psychoactive properties, but another new,  and legal compound called HHC is here and ready to give you that vibe your looking for, without spending hours starting at the stars or googling how long will the high last.

We’re going to cover this exciting new compound in detail below.

What does HHC stand for?

HHC CompoundHHC stands for hexahydrocannabinol. It was first recognized in the 1940s by a chemist named Roger Adams, and he created the compound by adding hydrogen to the THC molecule and began to alter its physical properties. 

The process was referred to as “hydrogenation” and was first recorded in a patent document from 1947.

Modifying the structure of Delta 9 THC by replacing a double bond with two hydrogen atoms changed the compound’s molecular weight and made it more stable.

Hydrogen is known to improve stability and resistance to thermo-oxidative breakdown, meaning that HHC would have a longer shelf life and would be less vulnerable to damage caused by heat or UV light.

What does HHC do?

HHC is unique, HHC is commonly compare the high to both Delta-9 and Delta-8 THC. HHC being the weaker of the 3 cannabinoids. It offers a nice balance between CBD and Delta-8 cannabinoids, providing users with a relaxed and tranquil state both physically and mentally. 

Many appreciate this high over delta-8 because it’s not too overpowering, and comes with fewer side effects as well.

Some say the experience is more euphoric and stimulating, others say its a bit more soothing and relaxing.

This is because HHC is likely to affect everyone differently, just like any other substance. Generally speaking, you can expect euphoria, relaxation, or cool, collected energy after taking a dose of HHC

Our hazy apes say they like vaping HHC to promote creativity and help them focus on a project or task they’ve been working on. Others like to use HHC to unwind, de-stress, and increase their mood.

The high from HHC will generally last around two to three hours, but this depends on how much you take, how your body processes it, and if you’re using HHC with other products or substances.

Why is HHC Legal?

HHC is legal because the 2018 Farm Bill federally legalized the hemp plant and its derivatives, as long as the amount of Delta-9 THC is lower than 0.3%.

In the rapidly evolving world of cannabinoids, HHC stands out as a beacon of modern innovation.

Distinguished from its more renowned partner Delta-9 THC, HHC has carved a unique niche within legal frameworks. Its edge?

It’s derived from hemp – a plant that has seen a resurgence in acceptance, particularly with milestones like the 2018 Farm Bill in the U.S., which gave hemp its well-deserved spotlight.

HHC harnesses the potential of the hemp plant, offering the euphoric benefits that cannabinoid enthusiasts seek but without the psychoactive “couch-locked high” commonly associated with Delta-9 THC.

This positions HHC as a forward-thinking option that aligns with contemporary regulations.

As with all things in the dynamic world of cannabinoids, it’s essential to stay informed and consult local laws, ensuring that your use of HHC remains both enjoyable and compliant.

How does HHC compare to THC?

HHC vs Delta-9 THCHHC is often considered a middle ground between CBD and Delta-8 THC. While HHC is not technically THC, it does produce related effects if you use it enough.

Simply put, active HHC molecules bind with your body’s cannabinoid receptors found throughout the ECS, and the inactive molecules do not. 

HHC does have some mildly psychotropic effects, ones that are milder than Delta-8 THC but stronger than a Full Spectrum CBD product.

Will HHC get you high?

Yes, it will give you psychotropic effects. How you feel will depend on various factors, including how much you ingest, how often, and your genetic makeup. Everyone is different, so no two experiences will be exactly alike. 

The “high” associated with HHC will affect everyone differently in one way or another, but users can generally expect to feel relaxed and euphoric.

After ingestion, users will typically feel the effects for up to 2-3 hours.

HHC induces a high that is similar to that of Delta-8 and Full Spectrum CBD combined.

All three cannabinoids have five-carbon side chains, which attach effectively to your cannabinoid receptors.

Many HHC users claim that the compound may be able to gradually increase your mood and sense of positivity, an altered state of mind, and increased activity compared to other cannabis products.

The primary difference between HHC and the other two is that HHC doesn’t typically make users feel paranoid or anxious, and this is why so many people are gravitating towards this particular cannabinoid over delta 9 or delta 8.

Will HHC show up in a urine drug screening?

Drug TestSome anecdotal evidence indicates that it may trigger a positive test. There are two primary reasons why HHC may appear on a drug test. Here’s why:

1. HHC has a Similar Structure to THC

HHC is a THC analog with a similar structure, similar metabolites, and almost identical effects to that of Delta-8 and Delta-9. The close similarities are one of the reasons that it may produce a positive drug test result since they share so many chemical similarities. 

If you are concerned that you may fail a drug test, purchase a home kit and see what your results are.

2. HHC Products Contain Delta-9 THC

Some vendors aren’t following the rules and won’t waste their time or money on testing.

Unfortunately, the 0.3% Delta 9 thresholds may not always be honored, and some of these products may contain other harmful contaminants.

Products that claim they only contain trace amounts of THC aren’t always transparent.

It’s important that you don’t believe everything you see or hear, do your research, and be as knowledgeable as you can be on this particular subject. Only buy from reliable and established sources that provide consumers with a comprehensive certificate of analysis, or COA from an accredited laboratory in the USA. 

3. HHC Products Could Build Up In Your System

It should be noted that legal full-spectrum HHC products DO contain a small amount of Delta-9 THC.

Regular or repeated use will result in the compound building up in the body, and those trace amounts of THC may trigger a positive drug test result. 

Is HHC stronger than delta 9 THC?

HHC is an excellent choice if you find Delta-9 too overwhelming or potent. If Delta-9 prevents you from focusing or completing your day-to-day responsibilities. HHC may be your new best bud.

HHC is also a good option for those who need a bit more of a boost than what a Full Spectrum CBD product has to offer, so no, HHC is not considered stronger than Delta 9 THC.

How long does it take to feel the effects of HHC?

HHC typically kicks in about five minutes after ingestion and will last for around three hours. How quickly you feel results also depends on how much you’re taking and if you take doses back to back. 

Similar to other cannabis products, you can find HHC in different forms. Vape cartridges, disposable vapes, tinctures, gummies or other edibles, and even flowers are available on the market.

Having so many options caters to everyone’s taste, making it easy to find an HHC product that is both effective and enjoyable. 

How quickly you feel the effects and how long they last will also depend on the method of ingestion. Vaping and smoking HHC usually produce the quickest results but are generally the most short-lived. 

Edibles will have to endure the digestive system, typically producing a watered-down, less effective dose. On the other hand, HHC tinctures bypass the digestive system as you take them sublingually. As a result, the effects are potent and usually long-lasting.

Tips for buying HHC?

When searching for the right HHC products, you’ll always want to pay close attention to reviews and whether or not the company performs lab testing. These are two significant indicators of whether a brand is reliable and trustworthy or not and whether its products are up to par. 

If a brand doesn’t have a COA or lab test results available for consumers to view, stay away from it. Knowing what’s in the product you’ll be ingesting is a top priority, and it can also help you avoid fake products that contain little or no HHC, or worse, something dangerous for your health.  


HHC is taking the market by storm. Users are raving about the well-rounded and balanced effects it offers. Users claim that it gives you that euphoric and soothing sensation that THC is known for, but it’s not as powerful as Delta 9 but is more potent than Full spectrum CBD. 

As more and more people begin using this cannabis compound, lawmakers will also be redirecting their attention toward it. Unfortunately, this may suggest that this semi-synthetic cannabinoid may not be legal for long.

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